The Artists of Muskoka

Shannon Stark

493 Stephenson Road 1 East
Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0

Shannon Stark was born in Huntsville, and although she lived in many other places in Ontario, her heart remained in Muskoka. Her interest and flair for arts in many forms was apparent at a young age and over the past few years she has channeled her energy into visionary photos of Muskoka’s nature and landscapes. Shannon lives in the village of Port Sydney and her unique creative eye has lent itself to captivating photos of her surroundings.

None of Shannon’s photographs is manipulated. She believes that anyone can take a picture and bring it into a photo programme to create a picture, but for her a true photographer is someone who captures the shot in camera. Shannon also expresses herself through pottery, stained glass and has published a photographic journal A Year in my Backyard.

Birch Stand by Shannon Stark

Shannon Stark
Birch Stand


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