The Artists of Muskoka

Roxanne Driedger

675 North Mary Lake Road
Huntsville, ON, P1H 1S4

Roxanne lives and works in Muskoka and is a self-taught artist. Since childhood Roxanne has enjoyed pencil sketching along with various other creative endeavors; however, it was not until later in life that she became interested in painting with acrylic on canvas. Roxanne’s family spent a lot of time outdoors and she has always been encouraged to seek out the beauty in all things; from a dewdrop on a flower to the colourful, unique patterns etched into a rocky shoreline. Fortunately, painting has provided Roxanne with an incredible outlet to combine these passions for the arts and outdoors.

Roxanne has always had a strong appreciation for art and nature and now uses painting as a means of sharing the northern landscape’s exquisite beauty. She also takes advantage of and connects with her surroundings by painting plein air, adding a fresh quality to her work. Through her artwork Roxanne wishes to capture, extend, and share the pleasures of these extraordinary places.

Roxanne’s artwork has been displayed in various galleries around Ontario and can be seen in homes across Canada.

Sunlit Shore, Killarney by Roxanne Driedger

Roxanne Driedger
Sunlit Shore, Killarney

24” x 18”, Acrylic

An Aaron Berning Design ©2013 Andrea Hillo