The Artists of Muskoka

Matt Coles

The Framing Place
33 King William Street
Huntsville, ON, P1H 2L4

Born in North Bay, Matt Coles experienced the rugged landscape of the Canadian Shield at a young age. He and his father went on camping and fishing trips frequently, and through them, Matt developed a love for the outdoors that later would form the cornerstone of his artistic expression.

Matt is a plein air artist now residing in Huntsville. He paints the many beauties of the Canadian landscape with a signature style – contrasting colours with sharp, sometimes powerfully delineated outlines. In selecting a scene to paint, Matt looks for interesting lighting, shapes, and compositional appeal, but he admits there’s something more at work that draws him in.

As well as painting landscapes, Matt is the Art Director at the Algonquin Art Centre, a highly regarded and widely known gallery and art workshop centre located in Algonquin Provincial Park. This position allows Matt to be at the centre of a burgeoning school of young painters with strong ties both to Algonquin Park and to the Algonquin Art Centre.

Matt’s work breathes new life into a long and rich tradition of Canadian landscape painting, expressing the simple, compelling, and enduring passion of artists inspired by the Canadian wilderness.

Past Second Bridge by Matt Coles

Matt Coles
Past Second Bridge

11” x 14”, Oil

An Aaron Berning Design ©2013 Andrea Hillo