The Artists of Muskoka

Jeff Miller

Look See Paint
1028 Hillside Crescent
Huntsville, ON, P1H 2J6

Jeff Miller knows where of he paints. He has been there and he’s still there, in his canoe, along the ‘wet edge’, on the portage. He operates with brush and colours under the wide open limits of the word ‘connection.’

His deep love and understanding for winding waters and the white pine canopy of Algonquin Park, Georgian Bay, Temagami and Lake Superior’s north shoreline have brought his rugged touch of oils and acrylics on canvas and board to many Canadian and American art and nature lovers. He is known for his exciting boldness and the distinctive way he expresses his response to wind, storm, ice and heat.

His almost 70-year-long connection to wilderness has included more than a strong ethic for wild nature. As a founding director and president of the Algonquin Wildlands League, he spoke out for a strong protection for wild nature in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Later, with two fellow Canadians, David Thomas and Ross Carlin, he developed an art/nature outdoor painting program designed to offer children a chance to bind with nature; to realize that they are nature and to develop a strong sensitivity and respect for it.

You can meet Jeff at his wilderness studio-gallery near Algonquin Park just off the Limberlost Road.

Dancing Pines by Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller
Dancing Pines

24” x 48”, Acrylic

An Aaron Berning Design ©2013 Andrea Hillo