The Artists of Muskoka

Elisabeth Wallace

1009 Kirkpatrick Lane
Bracebridge, ON, P1L 1X1

Elisabeth Wallace attended Trent University, graduating in 2013 with an Honours BA, majoring in history and a minor in cultural studies. She is an avid volunteer and art instructor at the Peterborough Art Gallery, helping with student tours, camps and studio classes that run during the year.

Elisabeth has been making art since she was a little girl, following a long line of artists who have painted in Muskoka. She uses a variety of mediums, creating abstract works based on colour, lines and shapes in nature. Elisabeth’s art work continues to be inspired throughout the seasons by the surrounding landscape of her family’s property on the Muskoka River.

Changing Nature by Elisabeth Wallace

Elisabeth Wallace
Changing Nature

20” x 30”, Acrylic on Aluminum

An Aaron Berning Design ©2013 Andrea Hillo