The Artists of Muskoka

Col Mitchell

Cedar Raven Fine Art Studio
1221 Cedar Lane
Bracebridge, ON, P1L 1W9

Col Mitchell is an award winning contemporary paper artist Col Mitchell works on a textural multi-layered fusion of sculpted papers on canvas or panel to make energized paintings of nature and wildlife. The technique, developed by and original to the artist, involves working with the characteristics, individuality, and performance of a variety of papers to achieve lines and texture appropriate for the subject matter.

Often a single sheet can comprise both foreground and background as shown in Sunset Becomes Her. Sky and tree are developed together from one unbroken sheet covering the entire canvas. Attention is paid to the lines and flow of the sky while the shape and texture of the tree and branches are formed. Layered semi-transparent acrylic washes preface a galaxy of multi-hued pen-nib applied ink lines to enhance the depth and movement of each unique surface.

Col was selected to exhibit and demonstrate her technique for the G20 Summit in Toronto (2010) as part of the Muskoka Corridor Experience, which garnered media attention for Muskoka artists worldwide. Her work has been featured in magazines, art publications, and juried exhibitions. Commissions include an installation celebration of Tom Thomson at Nuit Blanche North (2012) and the cover for Huntsville Festival of The Art’s yearly guide (2013). Col Mitchell is represented by Bluestone Fine Art Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Enchanted Forest Daydreams by Col Mitchell

Col Mitchell
Enchanted Forest Daydreams

11” x 14”, Silk Paper, Acrylic, Ink

An Aaron Berning Design ©2013 Andrea Hillo