The Artists of Muskoka

Krysia Bower  •  Matt Coles  •  Glenda Davies  •  David Dawson  •  Roxanne Driedger
Dale Durnan  •  Marc De Groote  •  Sue Evans  •  Janet Stahle-Fraser  •  Judy Geller
Margo Gracey  •  Erika Harris  •  R.W. Haviland  •  Haysam Haytaoglu  •  Jane Jones
Jenny Kirkpatrick  •  Lynda Lynn  •  Janine Marson  •  Jeff Miller  •  Col Mitchell  •  Wendy Moses
Ron Murdoch  •  Nancy Ogle Gray  •  George Popadynec  •  Richard Robinson  •  Margot Snow
Shannon Stark  •  Rob Stimpson  •  Elisabeth Wallace  • Wendy Wallace •  Susan Irons Ware
Danielle West  •  Pam Turner-Wong  •  Michael Woodside

The Artists of Muskoka

Designed & Published by Andrea Hillo
Edited by Leonard Pizzey
Foreword by Roy MacGregor

Contemporary Artists, Wild with Passion

“It took decades before the first visitors arrived who saw things through different eyes – just as do the 34 artists presented here in Andrea Hillo’s much-welcomed The Artists of Muskoka."
---Roy MacGregor, Author

“I’d term The Artists of Muskoka an earthy smorgasbord of imagery some real, some imagined and all pure dedication.”
---Mendelson Joe, Artist/Musician

The Artists of Muskoka

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Limited Edition Hardcover Art Book

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